God Is Crazy About You!

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  Many have mentioned to me over the past year or so that I should think about starting a blog, so I have given a lot of thought and prayer to this.  One of my favorite things in the world is to write to encourage and build others up. This blog will be dedicated to PROFITABLE and LIFE-BREATHING material. One thing that I know to be true is that I am FAR from perfect.  But I want to do everything that I can to share my mistakes, pain, and sufferings with you so that you may be encouraged.  After all, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We have a MIGHTY GOD, who is the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE… who LOVES YOU and is CRAZY about YOU.

Have you ever been crippled by your past failures or mistakes? I recently read this quote by Bob Goff, and it encouraged me tremendously… In his book Love Does, he writes:

Failure is just part of the process, and it’s not just okay; it’s better than okay. God doesn’t want failure to shut us down. God didn’t make it a three-strikes-and-you’re-out sort of thing. It’s more about how God helps us dust ourselves off so we can swing for the fences again. And all of this without keeping a meticulous record of our screw-ups.

Maybe you need this reminder on this Monday morning…  Your past, failures, mistakes, and even labels that people place on you do NOT define YOU. GOD defines you, and you are FORGIVEN.

God has a single relentless stance towards us: HE LOVES US! Rest in the TRUTH THAT GOD IS CRAZY ABOUT YOU.

How can I pray for you today? Email me in the CONTACT section and I would be honored to pray for you.



6 thoughts on “God Is Crazy About You!

  1. Hey Jared, long time no talk. I hope everything is going well. Your blog makes me miss the countless sermons I was fortunate to listen to from you. I’m getting married on July 1st and I would appreciate if you could say a prayer for me and my fiancé. I hope we can catch up soon.

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  2. Jared, you’re back in your sweet spot! So glad I caught this on Instagram. I see you’re up in DFW often. Chris and I would love to have you over or meet you for a meal to catch up. Lots going on with us! Let us know if you can squeeze in a bfast/lunch/dinner.
    All the best, Jennie.


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