I Wonder…

I wonder… I wonder if anyone out there is struggling… with anything… a job, a marriage, struggling to raise your kids the right way, struggling with an addiction that has a death grip on you… I wonder if anyone out there is struggling with self worth and wondering if they have a purpose in this […]

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Poisonous Root

But I hate them and what they have done. They wrecked not only my life, but the lives around me. I could never forgive them… Have you ever said those words, or something close to them? I know that I have. Forgiveness… Such a powerful word, and yet… incredibly difficult to implement. I was reading […]

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Thought for the Week: OWN IT!

I just wanted to share something with you this week.  I think one of the best things that we have in our favor are the relationships that we OWN.  One thing I want to challenge each of you with, including myself, is to be present in every moment of our lives… RELATIONALLY!  BELIEVER, YOU HAVE THE ONLY ANSWER […]

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God Is Crazy About You!

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  Many have mentioned to me over the past year or so that I should think about starting a blog, so I have given a lot of thought and prayer to this.  One of my favorite things in the world is to write to encourage and build others up. […]

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